Since 1990… 

Ajans Medya in a Nutshell

Ajans Medya is a Media and Communication Company that functions in different areas that complement each other. These areas include offline and online publishing, creative advertising, customer loyalty, digital works, social media and event organizations. It is the producer of TimeOut İstanbul magazine in print and digital format as well as a variety of customer magazines, blogs, advertising and creative works serving a wide range of clients. Ajans Medya is also known for its prestigious events that take place on a regular basic.

Customer Communication 360o

For the last 25 years, Ajans Medya has been offering high-quality services for all types of customer communication depending on the requirements of new media and trends. Today, these services include advertising, customer publishing and a wide range of on-line services including social media. The communication needs of a customer are multifaceted and require perfection on every level, no matter what the industry. This is what we provide- from a complete corporate identity to an advertising campaign, from a hard-copy customer magazine to a digital one, from a blog or from an online emailing campaign to a mobile application and an effective social media strategy and implementation.


From the notable Istanbul Summer Exhibition, and Art Project Exhibitions to the prestigious annual Time Out Istanbul Eating & Drinking Awards, from special cultural events to art walks and from writer’s seminars to the immensely successful 101 Tastes of Istanbul Event, Ajans Medya is dynamically engaged with diverse interest groups. Through Time Out Live events, we succeeded in forming a tangible bond with our readers, both print and online.

Marketing with Content

Ajans Medya ranks number one in providing original content customized for your marketing targets. Content that is geared toward raising appetite for a specific product or a service plays a decisive role in winning a new client and realizing sales. For our expert team content can mean a world of ideas. It can be an event, an ad, a brochure, a web site, a great design, a conceptual approach, a photograph, a style in social media networking or a magazine, print or online.